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Hey I'm Ari. I'm 23, I live in Los Angeles, and I studied television at Emerson College. I like television, music, cows, food, conventions, and photography. Slowly turning into a crazy cat lady.

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One year ago, I adopted my cat, Archer. I was nervous - I just had started another job, never took care of a cat myself before, and killed most plants I’ve owned.

When I went to the South LA shelter that day, I picked up and met several cats who were good fits. I met a another cat who I almost adopted and was seriously considering, but I decided to take one more look around the cages. And then I saw him- Tigger at the time - sleeping, face pressed up against the cage with his teeth sticking out. Full derp mode in effect - I had to meet this cat. I picked him up and he woke up and sat in my arms and something felt right. I handed him over to my then roommate, but he just wanted to be held by me. I knew right then he had chosen me. I signed the paperwork, renamed him Archer after the TV show, and brought him home. I was so nervous that night, but I when I let him out of his carrier in my room, he sat in my bed and looked at me like, “This is my spot now.” 
He hasn’t left my side since. We’ve moved, had parties, celebrated birthdays, and every morning I get concerned when I don’t have a furry face in my face meowing for food or he’s not waiting at the door when I get home from work. I’ve turned into a crazy cat lady, but it’s for the best. He makes me excited to come home after a long day and makes living alone a whole lot less lonely.
Thank you Archer, for choosing me one year ago. Thank you for making me feel less anxious, thank you for unconditionally loving me even if I get mad, and thank you for being the best alarm clock. I really have the best buddy.

Archer claiming my bed day one.

Archer dressed up for my birthday/his cat-aversary. 

"Step into my office and let’s discuss the 3rd quarter reports." #archergram #catsofinstagram #cats #businesscat #fancy


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Guess what I got at the thrift store

is it a number 2? use that shit on every scantron
every time someones like
"please take out your number 2 pencil"
take it out and scream


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Download the app “Mood Kit” - it’s worth every penny. It’s a great little app that helps you keep your moods in check, set goals, and has a thought checker to walk you through an anxious moment. My psychologist recommended it to me and she was right - it’s so wonderful.


In other news, “Witches Be Trippin’”

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Today I read an article about Steven Moffat’s Doctor Who in the Arts and Books section of the Independent on Sunday. In this article, by Stephen Kelly, Moffat is criticised for his inability to write women, to complete his plots, to write the Doctor as a likeable and…